Wayne Nez Gaussoin

My artwork began with traditional Navajo silversmithing and has evolved into wearable sculpture and monumental installation art. The materials and style of my jewelry has challenged the stereotype of Native American adornment that has aroused controversy and brought forth new challenges and new perspectives that have redefined the classifications of Native American jewelry in the twenty-first century. This continually inspires me to be able to create a voice for a new era of Native American artists alike.
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Being a multidisciplinary artist, I have chosen to take on the business name SilverInjun. Similarly, how guerrilla artists take on a character, whereas my character’s name is a facetious pseudonym. Silver being my primary medium, and Injun because nor am I an Indian or an Injun, I am Diné and Pinwee. My current work draws from cultural dilemmas of identity entangled with its complex story. Like the materials, the tools and process are all important in the prediction of my work.